AIMS Benefits

Why AIMS is the best at what we do:

AIMS have been involved with medical assistance on the African continent since January 2002, collectively having over 30 years of experience in the medical world. Over this time period, we have developed in-depth knowledge and experience in the medical industry across Africa, as well as forging excellent relationships with various stakeholders on the continent and around the world.

AIMS Extensive Network:

AIMS covers most of the African continent with our network of contracted hospitals and other service providers. From Lagos to Nairobi, Cairo to Cape Town, you can rest assured that we will have a local contact that will be able to assist you with whatever your needs may be.

Guaranteed Facilities of Medical Excellence:

By building our network of hospitals over many years, we have been able to sign contracts with some of the pre-eminent facilities on the African continent. From the best trauma facilities to the most experienced medical specialists in Africa, we can assist you in guiding your members to the most suitable facilities available.

Our guiding principles of humanity, dignity, respect:

At AIMS, we believe in humanity, dignity and respect. We are committed to a high standard of care for all of our patients. We aim to ensure they receive adequate care in the same way we would like our own family members to be treated. Our case specialists know that when there is a need for assistance, it is likely a high-pressure situation for our patients and their families. We go out of our way to assure them that we are on their side and will do our best to assist them wherever we can. This is our credo, this is AIMS.

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South African Child Travel Requirements

Be aware that children under the age of 18 traveling in and out of South Africa will be required to carry an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE as well as a VALID PASSPORT under new regulations aimed at improving the safety of children.

CHILD + Both Parents - Parents must produce an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE and VALID PASSPORT

Child + One Parent – Parents must produce an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE and VALID PASSPORT and a COURT ORDER/ DEATH CERTIFICATE/ AFFIDAVIT confirming the absent parent has given permission for the child to travel

Guardian - must produce an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE and VALID PASSPORT and a COURT ORDER/ DEATH CERTIFICATE/ AFFIDAVIT confirming the parents have given permission for the child to travel

Child Unaccompanied – Child must produce UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE and VALID PASSPORT and an AFFIDAVIT confirming permission to travel from BOTH PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS and a letter from the person who will receive the child including full contact details and a certified copy of their passport or ID.

To Learn more and download the Parental Consent Letter / Affidavit please follow this link.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Information

If you have travelled from an affected country with community transmission of COVID-19 in the past 21 days please fill out the required form below
The form below is an assessment tool to help us determine if you/they meet the case definition criteria for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and whether you/they need to be seen or tested. This however does not replace a clinical review with a general practitioner should an individual be concerned about their health, this form aids us in assisting you.

Should you require further COVID-19 information please use the assisting link below.


A full medical history must be declared inclusive of results and last 21 day travel history


Which Country has the patient visited in the last 21 days exact country and city from date to date please




Do you have any of the following symptoms: cough, difficulty breathing or sore throat

History of travel to areas with presumed ongoing community transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Worked in or attended a health care facility where patients with SARS-CoV-2 infections were being treated.

Admitted with severe pneumonia of unknown aetiology

Had close contact with any person who has travelled in the last 21 days?
If so please specify to where they have travelled

Have you been in contact with someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19 .If so please specify.