A day in the life of the Billings Team at AIMS

A day in the life of the Billings Team at AIMS

A day in the Billings department usually starts with big smiles and hearty good mornings echoing throughout the department with my fellow colleagues Mbali, Sylvia and Douglas. 

These exuberant greetings are part of the team spirit in the Billings department, and it ensures that the day starts on a positive note that paves the way to a great day.

The daily work normally starts with attending to emails received after hours from service providers and Insurances. We ensure that these emails get allocated to the correct patient files and that we respond and action each email efficiently. During the course of the morning, we receive new files from our operations department for patients that received outpatient treatments or that have been discharged from Hospital.

The next task is to ensure that all service providers are contacted via email and telephone to request any outstanding invoices for patients that received treatment. These service providers are located over the entire African Continent. Language barriers in certain African countries can be very challenging but we have learnt that requesting an invoice in the country’s official language by making use of translation programs eases the process of obtaining invoices.  

The key to our department’s efficiency and productivity is our teamwork and can-do attitude, we always work together in striving for excellence, whether it being dealing internally amongst departments or externally with our service providers or Insurances. 

Once we have received the requested invoices, we proceed with finalising the medical consolidation by processing the applicable invoices on our accounting system, generating closing letters and compiling the physical documents into one pack so that these packs can be checked and sent to our insurance clients.

The Billings Manager will check all the received packs and will sign off these pack if all have been checked and found to be in order. The checked packs can now be scanned and electronically submitted to our clients for payment. 

The team spirit in the Billings department will always aid to a thriving workday and we always look forward to each day.  

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Goodbye, Totsiens and Hambakahle from the Billings Team.

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