A Day in the life of the finance team at AIMS

A Day in the life of the finance team at AIMS

We share a day in the life of the AIMS Finance team, as seen from the perspective of its fellow native of the past four years. 
By Layla Dias. 

According to my observations, it was just another day in Finance when our finance manager Racheal walked in with a smile and she was followed by Ugashree, they both said to me, “Good Morning Layla,” in equal high spirits. When I turned to look at Racheal, she said, “Today is a good day to win guys,” and both myself and Ugashree agreed wholeheartedly. Rachel our Finance leader motivating us as always, was standard procedure in our department, and it was much needed given the previous week’s stress and mounting pressure. Our busiest time of the month had arrived. 

We had declared that we would work quickly and efficiently while managing our delegated tasks. However, it was not to be as we had hoped. We were confronted with a crisis; one of our patients had called in distraught, irritated, and frustrated. She’d been getting reminders after reminders about her outstanding account from one of the service providers she’d seen. I assured her that we would look into her concern and prioritize a solution.

Panic began to set in because this account was supposed to be settled two months prior based on the information she had provided. Due to the nature of the query, it was immediately escalated, with our Financial Manager conducting an overview of the case while I traced the patient’s file and looked at all the details before concluding my investigation. The discovery was that the payment had not been allocated, which is a common occurrence due to the large volumes we process daily to service providers and is resolved quickly. 

We’ve been dubbed the Spartans for a reason, we always deal with crises as a team, and this incident was no exception. Racheal requested that Ugashree resend the payment advice and follow up with a phone call to ensure proper allocation. My job was to call the patient and inform her that the problem had been successfully resolved. The patient was relieved and grateful that we were able to handle the situation within our allocated time frame. 

To our team, being a Spartan means having an ethos and unwavering commitment to excellence while also acknowledging that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Tomorrow, we will return and give our all, every day and in every way, because that is the only way. 

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