A Member of the Big Five strikes a French tourist in Botswana

A Member of the Big Five strikes a French tourist in Botswana

When a member of the Big Five seriously injured a French tourist in Gaborone, Botswana, Alliance International coordinated and assisted with the patient’s air evacuation. The patient had sustained significant wounds to his left thigh, together with displaced rib fractures. Fortunately there was no vascular injury to the leg.

When the incident occured AIMS was immediately contacted by the patient’s insurer and asked to assist in handling the air evacuation and medical treatment for the client. AIMS contacted the flight company that was used to pick up the patient to arrange swift air evacuation. The patient was driven to the airport by ambulance and flown to South Africa by private air ambulance, accompanied by his wife.

In order to ensure immediate medical attention is given to the patient, the AIMS operations team organises a Guarantee Of Payment with the hospital on behalf of the insurer. This ensures that the patient’s expenses are covered while he is being treated. AIMS then communicates with the insurer about what costs the patient is going to face and how much will be needed to be placed. AIMS also considers the patient’s wife’s need for accommodation, transportation and a translator to assist. The patient’s treatment and care is monitored by the AIMS team until he is able to safely return home.

We are pleased to report that the patient received excellent care from the treating physicians and was able to return home safely to France with his wife.

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