AIMS donates computers to Rest Haven

AIMS donates computers to Rest Haven

Recently AIMS donated some of their unused computers to a local charity, Rest Haven. 

Rest Haven is run by one of our service providers’ parents, and AIMS strongly believes in fostering a family-like work environment, so it was clear who we would want to donate some extra computers.

We enjoy assisting in any way we can; it is part of our company structure and motto.Humanity, Dignity and Respect.

Here is what Rest Haven had to say about the donation; 

“I trust that you are well.

I would love to thank you for the donation of the computer systems and can assure you that they would certainly add value to our organisation.

We are in the process of launching a Fund Raising Call Centre, where these computers will be used as work stations for our agents .

Once we have everything up and running, we will be updating our social media platforms with pictures of our call centre and will certainly make reference to your organisation as our donors.”

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