Celebrating our Heritage at AIMS

Celebrating our Heritage at AIMS

Heritage day in South Africa celebrates our vast variety of cultures, diversities, beliefs and traditions. It is not only known as Heritage Day to most but is also unofficially called National Braai Day. To celebrate our diversity we gather over a great meal and on this day it is all about being with great people and enjoying a lekker braai or shisanyama.

AIMS is a family focused company and within our family comes each individual’s heritage. Heritage is important to us because it builds and moulds you from a young age, it teaches you to be a part of something and to represent what you believe in. At Alliance international Medical Services we have a variety of cultures such as Swati, Zulu, Afrikaans, Indebele, Muslim, Shona, Indian and it even expands to Mozambican, Namibian and Irish.

In 2020 with Covid-19 taking a large control of what could be celebrated and what couldn’t our employees still came in their best dressed for Heritage Day. But in 2021 we decided to shake it up a bit and celebrate our employees and their cultures, all Covid-19 regulations permitted. We had an in-house celebration of all things South African. The AIMS employees came in their best traditional clothing and it truly was spectacular to see all the different colours, patterns and materials on display.

We started off the day with everyone arriving to work dressed in their best and ready to impress. By lunch time the festivities kicked off and Nyama-Spitbraai Company had set up a delicious buffet and selection of South African styled meats and salads. We set up a table of all things South African for the employees to make goodie bags or to snack on, the treats ranged from things such as Nik Naks, Steri-stumpi, biltong, zoo biscuits and so much more. Our in house DJ played music that represented our wide variety of cultures and this really got the mood going.

With lots of dancing, eating and celebrating all things South African we had planned a surprise for the staff and that was an unknown competition for the best dressed. Our CEO Bernadette took to the stage and announced the three winners.

The winners each represented completely different cultures. Congratulations to

first prize winner, Sylvia Dzimwasha, second place Tuba Tshuma and third Douglas Orton.

Spending the afternoon with our colleagues celebrating our traditions and who we are was fantastic. We would say a Heritage Day well spent!

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