Celebrating Success at AIMS

Celebrating Success at AIMS

 The AIMS 10 year service awards 

AIMS recently was pleased to congratulate a number of employees on their milestone achievement by awarding them the AIMS 10 years of service award. 

Stanley Nkosi – Operations Manager
Eric Prinsloo – Network Manager
Hendrick Jacobs – Case Manager
Rose Moleko – Dispatch Clerk
Dominic Breton – Case Manager

Stanley says:

“ I arrived at AIMS as one purchases a new pencil, packaged, sealed and eager to be put to work. The pencil was unpackaged as I was removed from my previous comfort zone and introduced to the industry in a more involved manner. The pencil had the potential to write, yet needed sharpening just as my potential at AIMS required guidance and training. This is where Bernadette started to chip away, teaching me the basics to great milestones which have helped AIMS stand as tall and proud as it does today. Bernadette has been amazing from day one and has taught me not to settle for anything less. The pencil’s shavings represent all the training, guidance, good times and bad throughout the years I was being sharpened, enabling me to write clearly as expected. I owe my professionalism and knowledge gained from 2002 until now to the sharpener, Mrs. Bernadette Breton. This pencil is still writing and the sharpener is still there, sharpening as needed. As time passes the pencil gets smaller yet writes better and better. Just as one grows older and gains wisdom. It is with God’s grace this pencil met this sharpener.”

Eric says;

“10 Years of the best working experience ever had. During my time here at Alliance International Medical Services, I have found amazing friends and developed life-long relationships with various Service Providers and Insurance Clients. And I would like to express my pleasure in working with Alliance International Medical Services. Alliance International Medical Services helped me gain useful skills. And it enhanced my knowledge about many things, both personal & professional. Every day has its own different challenges. Anything without challenges is boring because challenges mould and train us.”

Hendrick says;

“I started in January in 2008, I enjoy case management and working with the patients. It has been my pleasure working for and with the staff at Alliance International Medical Services (AIMS).”

Rose says;

“My Journey with Alliance International Medical Service started on the 04 November 2008. I was appointed as a filing Clerk and promoted to Dispatch Clerk. My transition within the company not only helped my career but has also helped me on a personal level. 

I have been with Alliance International Medical Service for 10 years and still counting. AIMS foundation is built on HUMANITY, DIGNITY, AND RESPECT, I have enjoyed my work ever since starting working for AIMS, I have also attended the course of First Aid in the company.

This is the company I have chosen to grow with.”

Dominic says; 

“I was awarded my 10-year service award at AIMS and I couldn’t believe how time flies. It has been an incredible experience working in a business that helps people every day. I have appreciated my time here and will continue to do so. 

One take home I hold with me is Humanity, Dignity and Respect. I use the AIMS credo in and outside of the work place. Thank you to the teams I have worked with over the years, I look forward to the future.”

Employee of the Quarter 

Employee of the Quarter is a newly established award at AIMS to recognise our hardworking employees. The votes are done by the employees for the employees, and is their opportunity to recognise and uplift their colleagues. This is their moment to shine for all the hard work they have done and for all they have achieved. 

Our first award for the employee of the quarter at the end of 2020 was awarded to Douglas Orton our Admin Manager.

Our award for the first quarter of 2021 went to Stanley Nkosi, our Operations Manager. 

Congratulations to them both! 

Employee of the Quarter: July 2021

Thulasizwe Mbokane is an Aeromedical Assistance Specialist at Alliance International Medical Services and has been awarded our latest Employee of the Quarter Award.

Here are some wonderful remarks from his coworkers.

“He serves as a model for all employees. He is friendly and is always willing to assist his coworkers. He exemplifies the high standard that all AIMS employees must uphold. “

“He is a fantastic coworker who goes above and beyond in every way. Each interaction with him is delightful, and he is a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share for the greater good.”

Congratulations Thulas, at AIMS we are so pleased to have you as a member of our team.

 Here are some more of the wonderful comments from his colleagues:

 “Always available and prepared to assist in the department.”

“He is an example to which all employees can look up. He is always friendly and never says no when it comes to assisting his fellow employees. He is the perfect example of the high standard to which all AIMS employees need to live up to.”

“He is hardworking & always professional.”

“Willing to assist without hesitation. Just grateful to have someone like Thulas in our operations department as he has always gone the extra mile to assist me.”

“My vote goes to Thulas, he has stepped up in the past 6 months.”

“As he is always willing to assist no matter how busy he is and always does so with a happy demeanour.”

“He’s a hard worker and very passionate about what he’s doing, he’s always there for any assistance required or asked for, he’s a problem solver whenever there is a problem due to work, I believe he honestly does deserve this.”

“He always covers the team, no questions.”

“He is an amazing colleague who goes above and beyond in every way. Each interaction with him is wonderfully pleasant and he is an ocean of knowledge, knowledge that he is happy to share for the greater good.”

10 Year Service Award

We would like to congratulate Wally Verway on his 10 Year Service Award!

Wally works in Accounts Receivable and is a dedicated member of the AIMS team. 

Wally says;

“It has been a dream to be part of AIMS, it has been an amazing journey.

The knowledge and experience that I have gained is priceless. AIMS has made me a stronger, more confident person. I have learnt many valuable lessons. I work with amazing people and I am grateful, blessed and proud to be part of the AIMS family.”

Employee of the Quarter: December 2021

Ugashree Maudry a booker keeper in our finance department who won the last Employee of the Quarter in 2021.

A few words from Ugashree:

“I am grateful to my colleagues who voted for me to win this Employee of the quarter.

A special thank you goes to my manager and mentor Racheal Vassilatos who encourages me every day to perform at my best, she is a true inspiration. To my team here in finance for all their support and always having each other’s backs.

I have truly grown and learnt so much in the last 5 years thanks to AIMS. Thank you, Mrs B, for the opportunity,  I am truly grateful for the and I will continue to do my best.”

Thank you for all of your hard work, Ugashree; we appreciate having you here at AIMS.


The AIMS family would like to congratulate Stanley Nkosi on his 20-year length of service with us.  It has been an honour to have you along the AIMS Journey, we appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Stanley says a few words:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the Almighty for keeping me, and Mrs B for the opportunity that she gave me 20 years ago; back then, I didn’t know how long I would last, but there was something about this Company that made me grab the opportunity; I didn’t know what it was, and I still don’t know what it is, but I am certain it was something good because I am still here. AIMS is expanding, and I’ve chosen to evolve alongside the company in order to make assistance fashionable.

A big thank-you to Bernadette, your enthusiasm for helping others is contagious.”

Thank you from our CEO Bernadette Breton

“Stan it seems like only yesterday when I told you I had resigned, memory serving me correctly in the November of 2001. You told me at the time to find a place for you, which I did. Here we are on March 1st your starting date, 20 years later. Thank you, Stan, for your 20 years of dedication and professionalism to AIMS. We’ve been on a long journey together, and there have been a few people who have helped shape my life and world.

I am proud to have you as a member of this family, and I thank you for being a constant source of stability for this team. I wish and hope that not only our professional bond, but also our personal bond, lasts another 20 years.”

Congratulations Stanley, on completing 20 years of service.

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