Celebrating Youth Day with the Children of AIMS

Celebrating Youth Day with the Children of AIMS

As June is the month in which Youth Day is celebrated in South Africa, the AIMS team wanted to share a message from the children of AIMS. 

We asked them to share a message or tell us their opinions or beliefs on what freedom means to them. 

We have compiled their submissions to share with you here:

Dihan Geldenhuys, 15 years old, says; 

“Freedom is a very broad term, it could refer to freedom of speech, movement or expression, but ultimately it means being able to do what you want when you want without constraint. Still, I think anyone should be able to do what they want, say what they want and act as they want to, of course there should be some boundaries, people should be able to do what they want, but it should not be immoral, they should not be allowed to freely hurt others in a physical sense. On the other hand some people hurt others with their words, this is a very complex situation, but still saying hurtful things and even being racist (as horrible as that is) are not reasons to take away a person’s right of freedom – freedom of speech. Freedom is a very beautiful and wonderful thing, a right that should be given to everyone.”

Dahrné Geldenhuys, 15 years old, says; 

“I think freedom is being able to do and experience things that make you happy and enjoy your life.

Freedom is not completely being able to do what you want whenever you want, there are rules (like the law) and responsibilities (fairness, equality and respect) that must be adhered to. E.g. We can have fun on the beach while on holiday, but we must be respectful towards the other people on the beach who are also enjoying their holiday.

Without freedom the world would be a hundred times bleeker.” 

Makanaka Dzimwasha, 10 years old, did this beautiful painting; 

She says; 

“My painting portrays freedom. To me freedom is being able to fly freely like a bird, as indicated in my painting. The birds symbolise a sense of freedom.” 

Charmaine Munashe Muvevi, 16 years old says; 

“The ability to act on change without constraint, judgement, retribution or discrimination. Having a voice – The human voice is the most powerful instrument above all. It is like the wind blowing freely on my face and through my hair , like the sound of music taking flight and filling the streets, the power to live as one wishes – FREEDOM! It can be described in various ways, being uncaged, the feeling of not being oppressed, hands without chains, a voice without strain, only a sense of Freedom. To me Youth Day is a definition of Freedom.”

Mishka Martins, 14 year old says;

“Freedom is happiness, freedom is having a safe space where you can share your thoughts and dreams. That is what the youth fought for 45 years ago on the 16th of June. For many South Africans today, freedom is still out of reach due to Gender Based Violence. Living in an invisible jail cell, not knowing what new heartbreak or physical danger the day will bring, just because you are a woman or a girl, is no way to live.

We all need to do our part and not turn a blind eye. Organisations such as POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) need our assistance, wear a bracelet to show your support.”

Teigue Breton, 2 years 9 months old, did this painting on freedom;

Some of our AIMS families shared videos of of their children sharing what freedom means to them;

Thakgi Mbokane;

Nashley Nkosi; 

Ntokozo Nkosi; 

Enhale Nkosi; 

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