Tiger attack victim receives emergency helicopter evacuation

Tiger attack victim receives emergency helicopter evacuation

In June AIMS received a call from an ambulance company regarding a 51 year old female patient who was in the process of being evacuated by helicopter. The woman had been touring Africa and was visiting a tiger enclosure when a tiger attacked her. The patient had sustained loss of the anterior compartment of her lower leg, as well as multiple lacerations and abrasions of the thigh.

AIMS, who was handling the case, was able to contact the patient’s insurer and acquire coverage for the patient’s admission in less than 15 minutes. 

The trauma surgeon was arranged to meet the patient immediately on arrival at the hospital by Heli-vac. The transfer took less than an hour and our Letters of Guarantee were already in place when the patient arrived safely at the hospital in Johannesburg. 

The patient received sufficient treatment to be repatriated home, where she would receive additional medical care with the added support of her family.

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