When life’s journey becomes difficult, AIMS is here to help

When life’s journey becomes difficult, AIMS is here to help

We provide exceptional care and dedication to all of our patients, but pregnancies hold a special place in the hearts of the AIMS operational team.

We had been delicately managing and preparing our patient, a lady in her early forties expecting her second child, for months. Due to the child being diagnosed with hydrocephaly in utero, extra care and compassion were required. These pregnancy complications meant that the medical team and coordination would be more complicated and involved.

As with many of our cases, despite our careful planning we had a few surprises.

The special little one was born and airlifted from Zambia to South Africa for more intensive and better equipped care. This baby had many more abnormalities than just hydrocephalus when he arrived. Following genetic testing, it was determined that this baby had Trisomy 13, a life-threatening condition.

Given this devastating news, the focus shifted to preparing and supporting the baby’s mother as she faced the prognosis and end-of-life care. The treating Paediatrician was fantastic throughout this process, and together we found a therapist who was best equipped to help the mother through everything she was going through. Our case managers visited the mother on a daily basis to ensure she felt supported at all times, especially since she had no friends or family in South Africa to be with her during this time.
Sadly, the baby died peacefully on the night of June 23, 2022.

The AIMS team worked together to ensure that the final leg of our journey with the family went smoothly. We made plans for Mom to return home to Zambia as soon as possible so she could be surrounded by friends and family. The mortal remains of the baby were then returned to the family in Zambia.

This is not one of our happy stories, but it serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, we can provide light and comfort to our patients because our core beliefs of Humanity, Dignity, and Respect know no bounds.

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