The Ebola Virus:

In 2013 a major outbreak of Ebola started in Guinea, in West Africa. The outbreak rapidly spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone, with the three countries being at the epicentre of the worst recorded Ebola outbreak in History. Other countries affected were Senegal, Mali and Nigeria. As of November 2015 28,575 infections have been recorded, with 11,313 deaths being reported.

Liberia and Sierra Leone have subsequently been cleared of the outbreak, however, Guinea is still experiencing flairs of outbreaks as of November 2015.

Ebola is a virus in the filo virus family, related to the Marburg Virus. It causes uncontrolled bleeding, both internally and externally and is spread by direct contact with infected patients. There is also some evidence that Ebola can be transmitted sexually even months after infection.

It is also possible to contract the Ebola Virus by contact with “bush meat”, wild animals and the handling of human remains. Healthcare workers are very hard hit by the Ebola virus as they are most likely to be exposed to the virus while caring for the patients affected.